Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hey come up with a good thing about you and feel that you are super awesome.

I was supposed to post a little story in separated posts but it didn't felt good so I maybe write another one some doomsday.
I am saying it like Homer Simpson doooh, because it took a lot of time but if I should search for the great things that come with it I can pick out:

1. I found out that you can render in Adobe Premiere elements and I have lived all these years without knowing. Ridiculous.
2. I have always thought that kindergarten was called kindergarden. Ridiculous, eye opener.
3. I looked up the word impossibility on a web lexicon and saw that blue dahlia should mean the same thing? But I searched it and I am not sure. Beautiful name tho.
4. I accidentally wrote 'toför' and to me it sounds like a hair product.

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