Friday, July 06, 2012


^^\  ^^\  ^^\                                                 oOo oOo oOo
  /       /     /                                                      \ \ \    \\ \   \ \ \

I have had ups like happy sunlights and downs like dusk in dawns like the most on earth. I feel empty and standstill for a moment asking myself why this is happening. There is a mystic feeling about this place, both sparkles and dusts and I think the answer for the meaning of it all is for us to receive when we die.

I considered carefully if I shoud publish this character-thing, 
I did . It is a picture. Don't be afraid.

I was born in 1995 and my name is Emma. This is one blog of many of mine BUT is this the blog who will survive like the others didn´t? That´s the question and I can't wait to see, actually, I will not give up.

When I was little my thoughts circled around animals and drawing. At least people around me gave me the feeling about that and that I was a drawer(not a box). Nowadays I´m not really sure. I like see things popping up on my paper tho or see things turn into something. I can ask myself 'Did I really draw that?' It is a special feeling however. But I comes to times when I just gets bored and flashing over the paper with the strokes of my pencil and the results of that don't get any top scores from me. I love the things I like to do half as much as I hate them. But it is a love-hate, so its okey.

It´s free to comment and free to watch and free to read and I hope you remain beautiful and happy.

An interesting fact is that I am from Sweden and English are not my native language so feel free to pick on my spelling and grammar a bit so I can change some mistakes.

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