Monday, July 08, 2013


This I drew some year/years ago but I think I studied other pictures and tried to draw them as close to the original photo as possible so in general it's maybe a bit cheating but you learn much by imitating too. You can look how other people do, practice and then you can begin to experiment yourself.

It looks like I drew better back in the days. I have had periods of creation emptiness as my mind was in a hurry and didn't want to sit down and draw. Maybe dull because there is an amazing "drawing flow" that is almost like playing a video game; you start with some ideas of how to move forward, then you get lost in the flow and the next time you look at the clock you will see that it has gone half the way over midnight. While you are in the flow the time go way to fast but the good thing is that that time is a high-quality time *'stars jack pot

Yesterday I went on a lovely bicycle ride and my brother inspired me to draw a "pigeon-bicycle", a pigeon on a penny-farthing bicycle. But I didn't want a small head on tiny neck for my bird so it became a hybrid type of bird.

The bird isn't done yet but in progress. I got another more pigeon like bird on the other side of that paper.

Restless fingers
Bubbling mind
And upward facing smiles

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