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New girl women fresh minds from happy summer entrepreneur project but should I write in English or eller Svenska

Det tog en tid men efter ett långt tag fann jag teckningen jag letade efter. Fast när jag väl hittade den så såg den inte riktigt så bra ut som den bilden av teckningen jag hade i huvudet, inte så som jag hade tänkt att den skulle se ut . Men här är den och jag tycker den är okej ändå.

En ny version av den här kanske hade varit på sin plats, det var längesedan jag ritade något sånt här.

Back to business,
it was also a long time since I wrote here. I had a good thought back then about drawing, writing, hah jailing photographs but everything was just ..wrong. I was lucky to be a part of  "the summer entrepreneur" in Tingsryd this summer of 2013♪♫. Until this I have said  
I want I want I want to do this and this and this and that,

but I have never done anything. If I had I would have come a long way by now. I could complain about; what a shame, it is sadness, I wasted my time, a big anxiety about wasting time and an ability to make myself feel stressed even if I talked about "stress is no good, keep calm, be happy". But  but

I am about to begin my last year on the upper secondary school/high school and yes a bit late but I am, just now for the last month or so, feeling that I am really learning something. I could keep complaining.. but sure I know and realize that you can't turn back time, I wanted to do that but, no I think I am good where I stand right now.

You can look back to remember. Look forward to dream. But be in the present and just be. 

And yes, I have liked the school a long time and I wanted to learn. Wanted to learn EVERYTHING in the world. People said "No one can know everything in the world" and yes it can be true but I like to think that nothing is impossible and even if it is impossible it's not a problem. The thought "everything is possible" will bring you to the stars anyway. Like I learned on the summer entrepreneur "If you heading high for the sky you will land in the tree tops but if you heading for the tree tops yeah how far will you go then? This goal you are heading for should be more mm impossible and nothing you should expect you to be able to do. But you should also have smaller goals that are attainable. Reach as far as you can and have fun along the way. We don't need to reach our goals to be happy because there is so many steps to take and every step brings us happiness if we allow ourselves to feel it. You can bow for thoughts that drag you down and make you weak but for the better alternative you can deal with them and say that you are fine. And really mean it not just say it but feel that you are fine.

This could be a feeling fine template

Find your "problem"

know your problem

don't just think about your problem, Think outside the box! Make new things, try something different, find motivating people, dare to believe you can.

Ups and downs comes and for some reason there can be a fine edge between giving up and keep going. The fun thing about keep going is that you never know what will come. Exciting right?

A truly thought, I would be better alone, but alone is never strong, whispers
sadness sorrow hate
love sadness because
sadness drew truly art
but I know happiness can draw truly without all the stress on mind. Everyone can,
 just believe. Whispers.."

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