Saturday, July 20, 2013

School teaching

Come to think about school in the middle of the summertime.

Often in school the students gets information about which day a test will come.
Often we students wait with the studies until the day before.
Which sometimes works and you pass the test but it's horrible because the next week you have forgotten almost everything.

To learn something, it isn't about reading it a couple of times and then you know it for the rest of your life. It's like with all training we do, we must repeat it over and over again. The things we can is the things we do almost everyday.
I have one teacher in school that have the thought in mind that it's good if the things we learn on the lessons are staying in our heads. So he checks us sometimes and then everybody gets a bit nervous, at least me. But I really appreciate it and I wished every teacher that I have had would have been like that. 
I know how it feels when you have passed the test and you think "phuu what a relief, now I don't need to worry about it anymore" but that isn't quite right. The things we learn are of course important. But it's hard to take in much information fast and if students did know that teachers always check out if they still have the knowledge after the test it maybe would be a lot of nervous and stressed feelings in school. But if we point out that there's no problem, there's no big deal, it's okey to forget. The teachers are there to help and learning is about repeating and repeating. No one will get mad if you ask again when you don't understand.
Even if it sounds like a lot to ask for from the teachers it's still important that they have good patience because we students forgot, we don't remember everything at first and we don't work with it everyday so it can be hard to force the facts to stay in our heads

I think that is how the teachers would teach and I have more thinking about what the school would learn the students, like things in my first "positive-post" and I think some schools already do it.

But without to sound geeky, or yes I already do, but; Love learning, love school, be happy. School isn't just a part of it's own(if you do go to school) because it's a life just as much as the free time or the work time. We learn from everything we do so I suggest that you spend your time with fun things that make you smile and do the things you like.

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