Saturday, March 01, 2014

contradictiously - health and training

knowledge is interesting but can easily become contradictiously


We are learning things about our bodies in our Physical Science lessons in school and we have talked about food choices, dietary advice etc. But science seems to say different things all the time.

The food advices we got back in the days (in Sweden at least) have been a low-fat diet with more carbohydrates. Many people followed the guidelines but we did not just eat slow carbohydrates but also a lot of fast carbohydrates, lots and lots of sugar that get sticky.
We need carbohydrates for extra energy so we can perform good when we use our bodies. To sit in front of the computer or tv is not a high interval training or a hard task so then you do not need to eat a lot of carbohydrates.

I read this book "Ett sötare blod" (A sweeter blood) by Ann Fernholm. The book is available in Swedish (but may be in English soon). However I think that everyone who can and want should read it.
The book is not a depthless book about LCHF. It does not ban carbohydrates but the author wants to prove, with science and studies, that processed sugars are no good. And that means really no good, we talk about things like obesity, heart attack, gastric problems, type 2 diabetes and cancer.

But as I wrote in the beginning, science and knowledge can be a bit contradictiously. And it of course depends on the person. Some feel better with eating more carbohydrates and less fat. In my opinion slow carbs are better than fast carbs but fruit an berries are also good for vitamins, fiber etc.
On the other hand, other people maybe feel better with eating more fat and less carbs. I do not know if there is enough science about it but you usually say that unsaturated fats are better than saturated fats. In "Ett sötare blod" Fernholm write that:

  • polyunsaturated fats are better for the heart than saturated fats
  • slow carbohydrates are better or equal to saturated fat
  • but saturated fat is better than fast carbohydrates


In our last Physical Science lesson we saw "Part 6 of 18: Training - myths and truths"  on
they talked about the importance of that you sometime should push yourself and challenge yourself so your body get to work a bit. That does not mean that you need to be elite athlete it means that you should push yourself according to the level you are at and who you are. So if a walk is a challenge for you that is an excellent thing to do sometimes.

But it is also important to not sit for a too long time without a break, at least that was what we learned, but i did not hear if the film clip on said something about scientific studies about if it was bad to sit for a long time even if you had a healthy lifestyle. The point was anyhow that it is important to also be active in the everyday life.

The film was okay and also mentioned doping and the bad effects about it etc. but some things I did not agree with, I think I understood what they meant but I think they sometimes explained it a bit different.

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