Friday, July 12, 2013

Morning Stroll and Lafayette

A suitable morning for a jogging/walking round trip with someone you care about. The temperature was slightly perfect and the sunbeams shined beautifully thro the tree limbs. And the mosquitoes wasn't awake! Along the way I happened to notice a smell, I said it smells like paint, like white housepaint. It all ended up with a thought about a movie back in the days; the Aristocats

I like the draw-style cartoon, it's a lot of work behind it and amazing artists have done it. It doesn't look like an easy task to do.

I drew a quick sketch of Lafayette (here's the image I looked at Lafayette)
and a girl and some unreadable notes.

I got an idea, or an old one actually, to put an old sock design into life again. I got a pair of white socks with a green square on the side where there is an image of Pluto from Mickey Mouse. I like them a lot but I can't find them anywhere. And that's the design I want to be back again. It could be a new retro sock.

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