Friday, August 23, 2013

Heads makes minds to story

Today my mind told me a short story, or a part of a story. Sounds more odd than sanely. So I say; I made up a story while bicycling on the road to my destination today. Here's the short story:

On the stone in the forest among the mist a girl sat. Next to her was a snake, a special kind of its sort. It/he had yellow eyes and a mouth filled with flowers (pink aster flowers) and as well a raindrop hanging from its/his chin. The snake wormed away when he/it saw me and the girl looked up. Her face espression was calm but as well tired.
I have waited for you, she said.
I guess my face revealed my minds because she said; I saw you on the road, the road only leads up here to our home. Whose home, who lives here? I asked. You, me and every single creature that lives and grows here, she said. Every day something beautiful happens, she continued, but something is breaking things down here now. She pointed towards the sun. The sun had dark corners and flickering flames around. The girl said, there's one animal.. when you meets it you may think he/it seems cuddly and soft but if you give it/him your trust cruel things will happen/will be.

It feels wrong in some way to call animales it.

I thought I should draw a drawing to this but I haven't so this is an old sketch:

It happens that I name my drawings. This is Pippo.

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