Saturday, October 26, 2013

Eating Animals SPOILER

Here's an eye opening book: Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer. It doesn't really smash your face with words like "BE VEGETARIAN". It tells about why it can be good. But the main part is about the animal abuse in factory farms.
 Pretty cruel and evil.
 I actually don't only blame the employees when they beating up the animals and throwing piggies on the ground with their heads first so they crushes their skulls. A big part of it is that persons fault, I agree, but while reading this book, as the author also mentions, you get a bit mad at these workplaces. It's like an evil circle:

Employees working(pretty badly condition) in the factory farms. → But Why? → Because the boss say so. → If so why do they still work there? → They need money to survive. → The boss needs the money to be rich. → We buy the products so the boss can be rich, so the employees can be mad so the animal can feel pain and live a life in horror.
 It doesn't feel so right.

Although I don't feel like everyone must be vegetarians. Because of tradition or upbringing it's natural to eat animals for a lot of people just as much as it's unnatural for a lot of  other people.
But even someone who isn't a great animal lover maybe can feel the importance of animals lives. I mean to be sure that the mince or chicken in the food shop haven't lived their whole life as animals in pain, fed with too little food but too much antibiotics?

It's tiresome. Is it meant to be the consumers duty to check this all the time? Or have companies and the society a responsibility. There's not always so many trustworthy out there.
If you read the book you will find out about many things. Animals are given medicine to prevent them from getting sick before they are sick. One other interesting thought is that we have created new species. Animals that almost can't walk, can't fly, hens that lays unbelievable amounts of eggs so they get lime deficiency and easily breaks their bones. 
The knowledge is from the book Eating Animals and I think it's good to read it. It's based on the facts and statistics in USA but that doesn't mean that it just happens there.

There's good choices
This sounds like a text that will force people to think "Why would I eat meat again?!" But there's those who likes meat so I must tell that the book presents good farmers(like Frank Reese) too that treats their animals as good as possible through their lives. They are healthy and happy. As you can imagine a beautiful farm house with joyous animals, free space and fresh variety of food. Shouldn't it be like that for everyone?

It's great that it exist better places but it takes huge effort for maintaining it. It's especially hard for the farmers if we don't want to pay the price for our food. It isn't cost-free to feed and take care of animals. But I beat it's fun to hang out with the animals if you like them as a good farmer do.

We only have this problem that there's so many people on the planet and everyone eats. It isn't easy to know if you choose "right or wrong". It isn't even easy to know how you should read or trust labels. It should be easy if companies and society, if people were honest and created a balance with money or right and not money or totally wrong. All knows that heavy mistreatment or mayhem is wrong so why does it exists?

The site of the book here.

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