Thursday, October 31, 2013


IRL (In real life) a Swedish movie and actually good. Interesting thought tho "Somebody has to die before anyone will do something."
It can be true. Like then we don't care before it's to late. Or when we don't say stop to things we know is wrong. Or when we don't help each other even if we know that it's the right thing to do. Doesn't we care? Or doesn't we dare?
The movie is about bullying. Isn't it difficult to imagine how or why someone can act in a way so it seems that he or she enjoys seeing pain in someone else's eyes. Illogical in some ways.

Just this day (28 Oct.) a storm was expected in the south of Sweden. The storm Simone. In some way it's humoristic but when I listened to the radio I thought of how loving and caring everyone becomes when a storm comes or then we all are in trouble.

The electricity is the main big thing nowadays so when it's out we have a problem. We don't have it so bad compared to the cavemen who got chased by bears (or the opposite). But it's unusual when the comfortableness disappears. Every-day things like water, warmth, electricity are maybe not someone else's every-day things tho.

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