Monday, March 03, 2014

Placebo - Do you believe a lie?

Vi fick höra på "Navets Preventionsprogram". Navet. Det var en väldigt bra föreläsare vi fick lyssna på.

There were lecturers in school today that talked about alcohol. One thing really caught my attention and it was this
"Alcohol does not have a so big impact on how you act as you may think, it is your expectations about it" 
The lecturer told us about a study when people thought they drank alcohol so they acted like they were drunk. But they was not, it was just placebo. He also said "Alcohol can enhance feelings/emotions but not create them."

That is interesting because it leads to another thing I usually say (N.B. has nothing to do with alcohol) "If you want, you can do it", everything is possible. I think this placebo phenomena is something worth thinking about. The hard part is just to really believe. In my example when "everything is possible" you must really, really believe in it. Like in the study mentioned above. There can not be any doubts, you must believe in it, wholehearted, if it shall work. I think so at least. That is not an easy thing to do tho. But if you want, you can.

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