Monday, March 24, 2014

Training tips

Training tips - To get started

1. Start now, do not say "I will start week, next month, next year, when the weather is nice"

2. Do not push yourself to hard in the beginning. Just as with running, you need to find a appropriate pace to be able to go the whole way

3. Remember all the advantages it gives you

4. Give it a chance, give it at least 30 days (I have heard that it takes around 30 days to create a habit, I do not know if it is true but you can always give it a try) When training is a good habit of yours you probably will keep going





It sounds heavy to think that training is a life-long journey but it is important to be active and move your body a bit. We do not stop breathing because we just do not feel for it right? we do not say "I do it next week". That does not mean that you need to excercise all the time, every day, 24/7 of course. But if you, or excuse me I mean not if, I mean you will make it to the point when you love your training, you feel good about it and you know it helps you, and then you can think of training like a part of life, because that is what it is.

If your only picture of training is a gym you have missed a lot because training can be anything that challenge you a bit or excercise your body. For example:

A walk

Help other people to move
Shopping (not on the internet)
Craft (Build something, craft something)
Dance & Sing
Do a cardio dance with Cassey Ho and her sister
Jump trampoline
Just jump on the ground
Play with your animals/children/friends

and well 

Weitht Training
..etc. etc.

it will make you stronger so you live longer

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