Wednesday, April 02, 2014

"Clothing exchanging day", 5th april, Sweden

Naturskyddföreningen arranging this Klädbytardagen/"Clothing exchanging day" the 5th of April in Sweden.

I misunderstood this. How easy is it to find a person that happen to want your jeans just as much as you want his/her shirt? and not to mention having the right size too.

Pretty tricky. But the reality was that you:

  • bring maximum 5 nice clothes/accessory/shoes that you hand over
  • for every thing you hand in/over you get a ticket that you can change to another wear/accessory/etc. that you like
  • The things that no one choose will be given to a Second Hand store

Good! Really good idea.

One thing I wish is that the Second Hand stores will be the big companies someday. There is many good designers out there and it would be fun to see them use their creative powers to remake clothes or reuse materials instead of making total new things.

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